NEW YEAR’S EVE Feast at the Starosts’ Manor in the style of the 1920s and 1930s

Contessa Margherita invites guests to the Chęciny Starosts mansion. On this magical night during the festival we will see in the New Year’s Eve version a play called “Murder in Da Vinci’s Palazzo”, directed by Andrzej Pieczyński. The script of the performance was included in the program of the unique ball at the Starost Court in Podzamcze.

The whole thing is kept in the style of the 1920s and 1930s.

What awaits you on this special New Year’s Eve?

  • Crime play directed by Andrzej Pieczyński “Murder in Palazzo Da Vinci” on New Year’s Eve, with excellent acting,,
  • Exclusive dinner with wine pairing prepared by the chefs of the Da Vinci Restaurant, which received the title of Best Restaurant 2023 of the Polish Culinary Treasures program.
  • Atmospheric original music by Wojciech Lisowicz.
  • A musical surprise in the breaks between subsequent acts of the play: musical pieces from the 20s and 30s performed by Antonina Gorzelak – soloist of the Fermat choir – those interested will be able to dance tango and much more..
  • Selected guests will have the opportunity to participate directly in the intrigue of “Murder in Palazzo DaVinci”, playing selected roles.
  • an additional attraction of the evening will be a drawing of a prize in the form of a magnum bottle of Champagne Météyer for the person who correctly identifies the murderer
  • At midnight, we will say goodbye to the Old Year and welcome the New Year by raising a toast, ready for new challenges in 2024!

Theater play “Murder in Palazzo Da Vinci” on New Year’s Eve.

Theater play “Murder in Palazzo Da Vinci” on New Year’s Eve. On New Year’s Eve, many distinguished people appear at Contessa Margeritta’s Ball, including an unexpected guest – the daughter of Vittoria della Tovere, abducted many years ago, and her beloved. The situation creates intrigue. There is a murderer among the invitees. During the evening you will be able to admire the acting skills of: Andrzej Pieczyński, Katarzyna Gocał, Beata Wojciechowska, Bartosz Budny, Anna Iwasiuta and Adrian Wajda. The director also planned episodic roles for the guests attending the New Year’s Eve Ball. During the play, it is important for the guests to remain vigilant, because before the final scene, the Ball participants will be asked about the motive that led to this particular development. We have planned a unique prize in the form of a magnum bottle of Champagne Météyer for the person selected at random from among those who provide the correct answer.

Exclusive dinner of the chefs of the Da Vinci Restaurant!

The Da Vinci restaurant is located in the Da Vinci palace and park complex. We received the Best Restaurant 2023 award, and the owner became the Ambassador of Polish Cuisine of the Polish Culinary Treasures program. We prepare the dishes using the highest quality products from local suppliers to bring out the flavor. Da Vinci Restaurant is distinguished by a multi-sensory approach to what a culinary experience is, so we make sure that the prelude, i.e. the sight of the dish, is a kind of desire to taste what appears on the plate, then the taste buds enjoy it so as to send a signal to the cortex. cerebral. A long-lasting memory of the taste of a given dish is what we strive for when preparing each dish.

New Year’s Eve menu

For this special dinner, we have prepared the following court delicacies..
1. Amuse bouche: Marinated eggplant with gorgonzola paste and caramelized nuts
2. Appetizer: Vitello tonato
3. Soup: Cream of porcini
4. Main course: roasted suckling pig
5. Dessert: cake
6. A selection of wines matched to individual dishes

New Year’s Eve feast – musical atmosphere performed by Wojciech Lisowicz

Wojtek is an extremely sensitive and talented musician, keyboardist, creator of theater music, and teacher. He has already recorded 4 albums with the band Wave. During this special evening, his sensitivity and musical arrangements in the style of the 1920s and 1930s will be heard.

A concert of the greatest hits of the 1920s and 1930s performed by Antonina Gorzelak

Antonina Gorzelak, an extremely talented singer (soprano), teacher. Her wonderful voice often sounds at classical music concerts. The artist also performs with the Fermat choir. The artist sang many musical awards, and her students also sang them. In the palace and park complex, during important celebrations, her voice fills the space, giving each event a magical dimension, and participants are transported to a world of sounds that allows the imagination to recall the best memories. We hope that our guests will start dancing to the rhythm of the musical arrangements.

Farewell to the Old Year and welcome to the New Year 2024

The highlight of the evening will be a toast to what is passing and to what is coming, and as we know, the magic of this night has great power, so in excellent moods we will create a vision of a Year full of prosperity, kindness and love.

New Year’s Eve is a time that determines how the entire coming year will unfold. We take care of the smallest details so that the magic of this evening lasts in your memories for the next 12 months.