Nicholas’s tasting dinner is a feast of flavors. Are you interested in a culinary journey? A story about how we extract the flavor of dishes, how we combine them, what wines we choose to pair with these flavors and why. Is Saturday evening with atmospheric music an interesting proposition for you?

Tasting dinner – what awaits you?!

Today we encourage you to take part in a unique event – St. Nicholas’ Tasting Dinner, hosted by the undisputed culinary master, Nicholas Allen. A man who loved nature as a child. From the age of 10, he consciously collected herbs in the cupboard and experimented for years on how to combine them, how to pair flavors and aromas, how to build the flavor of a dish – without dominating it. As a result, Nicholas is a renowned chef in Great Britain, France and at the Royal Court in Saudi Arabia. These experiences fit perfectly with the place we are creating at Da Vinci. Nicholas, together with our talented team, will prepare a 5-course dinner. In addition, the dishes will be served with perfectly paired wine. The special guest will be Barbara Płochocka from the Płochocki vineyard. As a result, the evening will be full of the magic of flavors, stories and live music, creating an unforgettable atmosphere.

Barbara Płochocka and her vineyard

The Płochocki Vineyard is not only a place where the best wines in Poland are made, it is also a story of love and tradition. Not only for wine. The beginnings of the vineyard date back to 2006, when Barbara and Marcin Płochocki purchased a farm on the southern slope of a hill in Daromin, several kilometers from Sandomierz. In the same year, the first plantings of vines began. As a result, the Płochocki Vineyard is a place where passion for winemaking meets respect for nature. In addition, the wines are fully vegan, which means that they not only provide unique taste sensations, but also remain in full harmony with our planet.

Tasting dinner menu:

Nicholas Allen and his crew will prepare a unique 5-course menu for you

1. Amuse bouche: Cured mackerel/ apple/ pickled onion gel/ squid ink/ fish bones

2. Appetizer: Fake Parma ham and tortellini/ tomato and balsamic vinegar/ Jerusalem artichoke and coffee bunuelos

3. Fish dish: Glazed cod loin and smoked bacon / curry pumpkin puree / jus vin lie sauce.

4. Sorbet: Apple/quince and proseco

5. Meat dish: Chicken breast stuffed with porcini mushrooms, potato with cream, baby carrot, Brussels sprouts and chestnut bon bon.

6. Dessert: Metallic glazed mango mousse/chocolate consomme.

Start time: 18:00