Get ready for an unforgettable evening on October 28, 2023 at 6:00 p.m., where the culinary world meets theatrical emotions. Da Vinci Restaurant presents ‘Murder in Palazzo Da Vinci’ directed by Andrzej Pieczyński. Enjoy Italian cuisine and take part in a dark intrigue. A unique criminal dinner that will awaken your senses and intriguing thoughts. Ready for an extraordinary combination of art and taste?

A dark repertoire of a feast with thrills

A Thrill Feast presents dark intrigue at Palazzo Da Vinci. Contessa Margheritta della Tovere treats her guests to an exquisite Italian dinner, organized to celebrate the safe return home of her missing daughter. The joy of regaining the child is great, especially since this fact unfreezes the family’s gigantic fortune. However, the festive evening is complicated by an intrigue – among the invited guests there is a murderer who wants to gain possession of the Tovere family’s huge money. The plan is criminal and its victim is a random person. Accidental, but innocent…? The combination of events and the ongoing investigation mean that – as it turns out – each of the guests may have hidden reasons for committing a crime. You will find out who is ultimately guilty during an exclusive criminal dinner, full of puzzles and humor, with a cobra in the background.

“Murder in Palazzo Da Vinci” is a play directed by Andrzej Pieczyński – an esteemed actor, director and playwright, known to the general public from the film entitled “Big Shu.” In addition, the crime story will feature great actors: Beata Wojciechowska, Anna Iwasiuta, Katarzyna Gocał, Adrian Wajda, Bartosz Budny and Andrzej Pieczyński.

A truly Italian feast with a thrill

The master chef of the Da Vinci Restaurant is Sebastian Strójwęs and he will prepare a special dinner for you. Starting with an aperitif, dry white wine, then we will serve an appetizer of eggplant assiette in three flavors. The soup served will be fennel cream with fennel compressed in herb butter drizzled with basil olive oil. Sous vide duck breast in orange sauce served with creamy parsley purée and marinated shallots in balsamic vinegar as the main course. For dessert, you will enjoy tiramisu with fruit and Belgian chocolate tulle. Have you ever imagined that you would watch a theater play and be served exquisite dishes during the intermission?

The palace atmosphere of the Da Vinci restaurant

A thrilling feast, of course, requires the right atmosphere. The Da Vinci Restaurant in the Chęciny Starosts Manor in Podzamcze creates the perfect atmosphere for an exquisite dinner. Moreover, the palace surroundings will make our guests truly feel like they are part of art.

A thrilling feast in which guests play a role

Between scenes of successive stories building tension, guests will be able to enjoy wonderful compositions of dishes by masters of the culinary art of the Da Vinci restaurant. However, a special attraction will be the joint guessing of the alleged murderer. Professional actors, the best chefs, a humorous, intriguing crime story and exquisite cuisine are the best recipe for an unforgettable evening.