Do you also love listening to music while waiting for your favorite dish? If so, you’ve come to the right place… Dinner with live music Dinner with live music is a great idea to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Who will play music for you?

Dinner with live music at Da Vinci will be enjoyed by a young, extremely sensitive and talented musician, keyboardist, music creator and teacher – Wojciech Lisowicz. A graduate of the Organ School in Kielce. He completed first-cycle studies at the Jan Kochanowski Department of Music in Kielce. He worked as an organist for many years. He has been a member of the Wave band for 8 years; is the author of music for many songs. Together with the band he recorded 3 albums:

  • Me and reality in 2017
  • Between in 2018
  • Dream in 2020

Currently, Wojciech is an accompanist and music creator in Tatra TeTaTet and a piano teacher at the Lovemusic school. Dinner with live music is a perfect idea for spending free time, especially with family or friends. During the concert, Wojciech will take you on a musical journey, performing original and his own arrangements. As a result, we will hear Polish and foreign songs. Will it surprise us with anything? You will see for yourself this Sunday, November 18 at 6:00 p.m.

Sunday afternoon with live music – moments together with the family

Music in a restaurant is an extraordinary experience that combines taste, sound and atmosphere into a harmonious whole. Therefore, dinner with live music is more than food – it is a journey through the senses, where the culinary delight of our dishes meets the artistic sound. Dinner with live music is a great solution for our senses because they are stimulated in a unique way. As a result, the flavor of the dish becomes more intense and the melodies add depth to each dish. It’s not just food, it’s a ritual. Each bite is a note, and each note is a flavor that stays with us for longer. Live music in the restaurant not only fills the space with sound, but also creates atmosphere. It makes it easier for us to immerse ourselves in the moment. It is an unforgettable journey through various emotions, from nostalgia through joy to reflection. As a result, the melody combines with the aroma of the dish, creating a common rhythm for gourmets and a melodic path for music enthusiasts. Dinner with live music becomes an opportunity to share experiences with loved ones, family or friends. This is a time that further emphasizes the importance of relationships and creates memories that will stay with us for a long time. Dinner with live music is not only about eating in a restaurant, it is a journey in time and space. Taste and sound combine into one unique experience for the senses and soul. That’s why it’s so important to celebrate moments like these.