Today, we cordially invite you to book your seats for the next event in the “Spirit Tasting at Da Vinci” series. The tasting will take place on January 27. Are you curious what Okowita from a craft distillery with 180 years of tradition tastes like?😉 Does it have any taste at all? How is this distillate made and why does it remain in memory for so long? Did our chefs compose the menu well for the individual flavors of the spirit? Can you tell which Spirit is which in taste or aroma? You will learn the answers to these questions and more during this special evening.

Today we invite you on a unique journey of flavors and history while tasting Okowita from Podole Wielkie. Spirit tasting is an event that combines tradition, local history and the exquisite taste of the distillate. What can you expect? Is it worth attending? spirit tasting Podole Wielkie Distillery is a place with an uninterrupted history dating back 180 years. As a result, alcohol is created with the “farm to bottle” idea in mind. The distillery produces vodkas and spirits from its own crops, using the highest quality potatoes, rye, wheat and barley. Okowita is not only distillates. First of all, it is a piece of history and the character of the raw material. Wielkie spirits are vintaged at the Podole distillery. Not only the raw material, but also the weather and the variety of cereals or potatoes influence what is in the bottle. As a result, they are truly unique.

SPIRIT TASTING – special guest of the event

A professional tasting of the spirit will be led by Kamil Dolata from the Podole Wielkie distillery.

He gained his experience from being a bartender with a huge passion for cocktail culture to managing a bar and restaurant. He is extremely open and positive towards life and people. Privately, he is a big fan of football, especially FC Barcelona and all team sports and tennis. A gourmet of rum, Polish vodka and (our) spirits. He says about Okowity and his work in Podole Wielkie: ‘I love its unique character, aroma, taste and warmth that will warm the heart of even the most ardent opponent of white alcohol.

Okowita – what awaits you during the evening?

During the spirit tasting, you will have the opportunity to try different vintages of Okowita, thanks to which you will be able to notice subtle differences in taste. Each vintage has unique features related to weather conditions and the selection of specific cereals or potatoes. You will feel the intense aromas that emanate from each bottle of Okowita. Long-vintage distillates from Podole Wielkie are characterized by deep, complex aromas that will take you to the roots of the Polish distillation tradition. To fully experience the taste of Okowita during tasting, we have prepared a menu for you that goes perfectly with the distillate. You will have the opportunity to taste:

  • Chicken liver pate/Worcestershire sauce/Djon mustard/cherry vinegar/cayenne pepper/brioche
  • Herring from Janów/horseradish mousse/beetroot/cardamom/mustard/dill crisp
  • Sous vide duck breast/demi glace with elderberries/red cabbage mousse/wild broccoli
  • Dumplings with apple and quince/gingerbread crumble/apple jelly/apple chip

Spirit tasting for the event – limited places. We invite you to book your seats today for this unique journey into the world of flavors and aromas.