One of our organised forms of dining is wine pairing tasting dinners. These are unique gastronomic events that combine refined cuisine with perfectly matched wines offering our guests an unforgettable taste experience.

Each of the prepared dishes is carefully composed and served with appropriately selected wine. The aim of such a dinner is to emphasise the taste qualities of both the food and the wines, creating a harmonious whole and thus fostering interaction between the participants, making the atmosphere conducive to conversation and networking.

Our distinguished chefs Nicholas Allen and Sebastian Strojwąs are virtuosos of taste with a very strong aesthetic sense. They prepare dishes of the highest quality using natural ingredients and products from local suppliers. After choosing a theme, such as the cuisine of a particular region, seasonal ingredients create a special menu (usually consisting of 5 courses) with different flavours and textures.

The dinner is accompanied by a wine story – from which vineyard and why this particular wine was chosen for a particular dish. After dinner, there is time for discussion and exchange of experiences.

Thanks to our dinners, guests can learn about different types of wine, their regions of origin and production techniques, and discover the secrets of how to combine flavours – often flavours they would never have combined themselves.